YSRCP will fight for people’s cause

YSRCP will fight for people’s cause - Sakshi Post

The evil designs of TDP Government to deprive the genuine beneficiaries of the welfare schemes will be thwarted and YSR Congress will take up the cause of the people and fight on their behalf if the State shows discrimination on any count, Party MLA G Srikanth Reddy has said.

“The philosophy of the TDP governance has been like putting the cart before the horse as they are trying to cut down the number of beneficiaries to match its scanty budgetary allocations for implementing welfare schemes,” he told reporters here on Friday.

To justify its meaningless cost-cutting measures, it has appointed committees packed with anti-social elements in the garb of TDP cadre and sympathizers with the sole purpose of weeding out bogus pension and ration cards.

This exercise only exposes the vindictive attitude of TDP which plans to deprive the genuine beneficiaries who could be our Party sympathizers as well he said adding that they will not hesitate to take the agitation path, if this trend continues.

Chandrababu Naidu has always been pursuing anti-people policies and he made his point very clear in his book “Manasulo Mata” in which he said freebies should not be given to the people and he is against welfare schemes.

The attitude still continues and in tune with it, he has been trying to slash down the number of beneficiaries to suit the meager budget allocations, he said.

TDP government has been inconsistent on the loan waiver issue and has been changing the stance on a regular basis. The latest fad being the issue of bonds and we are not sure how it works and its sanctity, he said.

Redsanders smuggling is going on unabated with the support and encouragement of the State Government and of the three persons convicted in the Alipiri attempt to murder case, one is a TDP worker who is very close to Chandrababu Naidu, he said.

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