YSRCP Will Expose Land Acquisition Scam: Ambati

YSRCP Will Expose Land Acquisition Scam: Ambati - Sakshi Post

The Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu and his cabinet colleagues are doing real estate business in the guise of new capital construction, said YSR Congress Party spokesman Ambati Rambabu at Repalle.Speaking to reporters, Rambabu said his party is not opposed to the construction of the capital, but would resist only forcible land acquisition from farmers. When a new capital city can be constructed within 3,000 acres, the TDP government is pooling 33,000 acres in the name of capital, but in reality this exorbitant land acquisition is only to further TDP leaders' real estate business interests, he said adding that this is the biggest ever scam in the world. YSRCP will not rest until this scam is exposed, he said.  

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