YSRCP Warns Telugu Desam Party Against Cheap Gimmicks

Botsa Satyanrayana - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Condemning the false and baseless propaganda unleashed by Telugu Desam Party (TDP), YSR Congress said that as a responsible opposition it would continue to question the outcome of Chandrababu’s foreign tours and also warned the ruling party to refrain from cheap political gimmicks.

Speaking to media here on Monday party senior leader Botsa Satyanrayana said, ‘there has been much hype about Chandrababu Naidu’s US tour and TDP along with its friendly media has time and again hurled allegations against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and YSRCP for questioning the outcome of the foreign trips. This apart the full itinerary of the Chief Minister has not been released which shows the lack of planning or the possibility of a secret agenda."

This and earlier foreign trips of Chandrababu Naidu have been undertaken only to benefit his coterie and entrepreneurs leaving the state and its interest in the lurch, Satyanrayana said. The Party leaders and their friendly media have been levelling false allegations and bringing in a conspiracy angle which has no basis, he added. "As a responsible opposition party we have every right to question about the foreign tours as the Chief Minister has been using public money for the purpose and it is the duty of the government to give full details of the outcome of the tour, he said.

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