YSRCP wants open debate on AP's finances

YSRCP wants open debate on AP's finances - Sakshi Post

Demanding a statement on the financial status of the State in wake of the apprehensions and contradictory statements, the YSR Congress has said the Finance Minister should be open for a debate with economists and academics.

The extravagance of the state government is adversely affecting the welfare schemes and the state government has been time and again speaking of financial crisis. On one hand it has unveiled an ambitious plan of building of a multi-million rupees capital city and at the same time has been speaking of empty coffers. All this needs to be explained to the people,’ party spokesperson K. Parthasarathi told reporters on Friday.
The huge amounts, which does not exist in the state coffers, would come only by taxing the people heavily or settling for a sell-out to foreign companies, he pointed out and added that the government should explain as to how will it would mop up the money required for building the capital city.
The state government has increased RTC bus charges and power tariff but still speaks of deficit and is depleting the welfare schemes.
To explain this and other instances of financial mismanagement, a statement should be made by the government giving the financial status of the state and the finance minister should be prepared for a debate on financial discipline with economists.
The state has given incentives with retrospective effect to industrialists to a tune of Rs 2,500 crores and spent Rs 1,500 crores on the redundant Pattiseema. "This entire extravaganza has an adverse effect on the welfare schemes which are being drastically cut to size. The pensions are cut to size and given on a pick and choose method", he said.

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