YSRCP to organize free health camps

YSRCP to organize free health camps - Sakshi Post

Health is a matter of great concern to the poor and needy in Andhra Pradesh. Medical expenses are also very mounting by the day making it well-nigh impossible for the common man to get access to a good medical facility.

Unable to afford the expenses of medical treatment, people find themselves sucked into debts and come under acute financial stress.To help the common citizen cope with the problems related to healthcare, the YSR Congress Party is planning a series of free medical camps.

The idea behind setting up medical camps and blood banks statewide is to make medical facilities accessible to the man in the street.
Under Sahi Foundation for Hearing Aid, YSRCP proposes to conduct free medical camps today and  tomorrow at Railway-Koduru and Chakrayapeta for patients who ear-related problems.

Koramutla MLA, Srinivasulu inaugurated a mega-medical camp on Saturday. Minister YSRCP leader Kondareddi took part along with several party leaders. 15 physicians from the Apollo hospital are  likely to participate in these medical camps and will refer patients who need surgery, to Hyderabad.

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