YSRCP slams TDP; seeks data on public domain

YSRCP slams TDP; seeks data on public domain - Sakshi Post

Taking strong objection to the remarks of TDP ministers against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who has asked the Government to place the revenue and expenditure details on public domain, YSR Congress has said the tone and tenor is a precursor to the conduct of the ensuing Assembly session, but we will insist on the financial data to have a meaningful debate in the Winter session.

“Instead of gracefully accepting the suggestion of keeping the financials on public domain as being practiced by the Union Government, the TDP leaders are passing uncharitable remarks against our leader to cover up their lies which will be exposed  once the data is officially revealed,” party spokesperson K Parthasarathi told reporters in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Some of the ministers went overboard in stating that we are answerable to only those who voted for TDP. The information sought by our Party President is not a classified one in nature as it can be obtained by anyone using Right to Information Act. The way the TDP leaders are vehemently reacting only shows that they are afraid to speak the truth that they have drastically cut down the welfare measures and the budgetary allocations are meager.

The finance minister himself telling that all figures are in the budget is ridiculous as the sum shown in the budget is only estimates, while what our leader has demanded is the actual amount received and paid during the past seven-eight months.

This will show the efficiency of the governance and clear the air on pensions, fees reimbursement and the loan waiver scheme. While the total amount needed for pensions is Rs 3,800 crores the sum allocated in the budget is just about Rs 1,350 crores. How can the two ends meet will be known if the figures are placed on the public domain and it will be known whether or not the State has weeded out the number of ration cards running into lakhs.

Similar is the case with fees reimbursement and on the loan waiver front. In the words of the State Government all loans of farmers less than Rs 50,000 are waived in one go. The sum works out to over Rs 14,000 crores but the Farmers’ Empowerment Corporation is set up with just Rs 5,000 crores. There are many such lacunas which prompted our Party President to write a letter to place all the financials online so that there could be a meaningful debate in the ensuing assembly session.

“This is not an unusual demand as the NDA government, of which TDP is a partner, is already following the procedure. To cover up its inefficiency, TDP has been resorting to leveling allegations and passing uncharitable remarks against our leader. We demand that the transactions between April and November 2014 be placed on government website before the assembly session and shun personal attacks on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy” he said.

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