YSRCP ridicules Naidu’s asset disclosure

YSRCP ridicules Naidu’s asset disclosure - Sakshi Post

Ridiculing the declaration of assets of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and his family members, YSR Congress has said that it is a futile exercise laden with distortions, fudging and unrealistic aimed at diverting the attention of the people and dared to hold an independent inquiry into the genuineness of the figures and facts.

‘The declaration pegging the wealth of Chief Minister N Chandababu Naidu at a meager Rs 42 lakhs is ridiculous going by the scams he is involved in and the house he is rebuilding can by no means tally to what is declared and to justify the genuineness we demand that an inquiry by a retired judge or a mutually acceptable auditor vouch for the figures,’ party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters on Tuesday.

Nara Lokesh declaring his assets as Rs 7.67 crores while his mother has assets worth Rs 33.07 crores have no basis as the five acre land owned by Nara Bhuvaneswari is not Rs 71 lakh but manifold higher that what it is mentioned. The figures simply do not add up. And if the Chief Minister is worth just Rs 42 lakhs there would many buyers to give him four times if he parts with the assets,’ he said.

‘There was no need for declaring assets, that too with such distortions and no IT returns were attached to substantiate the figures which shows that the entire exercise is aimed at diverting the attention of the people ahead of the capital formation which is deep in scandals,’ he said.

When a declaration was given during 2014 elections where the need for declaring the assets was and the motive behind such a task should be explained in detail by the Chief Minister and his son.

With such a large-scale corruption being exposed in the cash for vote, Chandranna Kanukalu and other scams, the value of assets is much higher than what was declared,’ he said.  The government schemes are tailor made to suit the merchandise available with Naidu’s family Corporate Heritage. Instead of cooking oil, ghee was supplied in Chandranna Kanukalu as oil is not on the catalogue of Heritage Foods, he said.  

He brushed aside the allegation about YS Jagan Mohan Reddy assets and said, ‘his wealth is like an open book as investigation is going on and the figures are available to everyone to see.

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