YSRCP questions selective footage leak

YSRCP questions selective footage leak - Sakshi Post

Opposition YSRCP MLA Gadikota Srikanth Reddy found fault with the Andhra Pradesh Assembly speaker for constituting a committee to probe into the proceedings even while a no confidence motion is pending against him.

Talking to mediapersons at Lotus Pond office of the party on Monday, he said the Speaker has not given any clarity on the terms and conditions of the committee. He said those CDs of the proceedings of the winter session of the AP assembly given to the Opposition YSRCP were different from those given to the ruling party. He said this was gross injustice.
He also questioned as to a committee has been constituted only on the events of December 22, while the Opposition has been demanding a probe into the proceedings of the whole session. He said the issue of leakage of the assembly video footage was a serious matter and the Speaker should reveal how the footage was leaked. He said the leakage of the footage was selective and the scenes involving the ruling party members were edited out and only those belonging to the Opposition were leaked.
"What our MLA RK Roja spoke was shown and what provoked her was not shown. The unruly behavior of the ruling party was not shown and this selective release of videos of the House proceedings is objectionable. The setting up of a committee on the zero hour proceedings only shows that the entire committee has a pre-planned agenda," he said.

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