YSRCP protests over low representation in BAC

YSRCP protests over low representation in BAC - Sakshi Post

YSRCP is protesting over the low representation given for them in Business Advisory Committee (BAC), which finalises assembly proceedings.

There are generally 11 members in the BAC. One MLA was given a chance in BAC from BJP, which has a strength of 4 legislators.

But, YSRCP, which has a strength of 67 members, got only two seats in the key committee. As the request for more representation for them has failed, the YSRCP boycotted BAC meeting and it took place without the presence of MLAs from YSRCP.

The government acted unilaterally on the issue and restricted the membership of YSRCP in BAC to two only. It is trying to escape from the matter by quoting some existing rules on the same.

Opposition leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy is requesting the government to increase their representation in BAC to four as they have 67 members in the house. But, the government rejected his demand.

As the BAC consists of 11 members, the Speaker informed YSRCP to give him the names of three MLAs, including the opposition leader, to include them in the committee. But, later the speaker informed YSRCP that only two of their members will get the chance in BAC as they are reducing the size of BAC to nine.

Angered over their low representation in the BAC, the YSRCP clarified that they would attend the BAC meetings only if their representation is increased to four.

Chif Whip Kaluva Srinivasulu declared that YSRCP is yet to give him the names of their MLAs for including in the BAC.

- Sakshipost

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