YSRCP opposes GO 166

YSRCP opposes GO 166 - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Strongly opposing the GO 166 which spells doom to the farmers’ interests and gives sweeping powers to the State in acquiring fertile agriculture land, YSR Congress has said that it will stand by the farmers and the Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will protest against the land pooling in the first week of June.

The GO is draconian in nature as it gives no scope to the farmers to seek justice from the Government in taking away the multi-crop land and can give the State extensive powers on the land issue. We strongly object to the Ordinance and our Party President will go on a protest in the first week of June,” PAC member P Vishwaroop told reporters here on Friday.

At a time when the Centre itself is in a fix on amending the Land Acquisition Act as there was opposition from all sections, TDP going ahead with the land pooling armed with the Ordinance is a shameful act and is not in the true spirit of parliamentary democracy, he said.

Removing certain chapters from the Act deprives the farmers of all legal options and it emboldens the State to acquire the multi-crop land at will, which we will not allow and fight the battle of farmers, he said.

Despite the Court has passing strictures against the government in land pooling for the capital formation, the State Minister Narayana blatantly telling that they will invoke the Ordinance to acquire the land even if farmers are not willing shows the anti-farmer policy of the TDP Government.

Though the minister has mentioned about the limited use of the Ordinance, the State industrial policy has mentioned that it will go in a big way to acquire land from the farmers which would finally benefit the Singapore private companies and other industrialists.

The State has failed to give data of the total land acquired so far and the compensation paid and lacks transparency.

Removing chapters two and three of the Land Acquisition Act 2003, which provides for social security and food security of the farmers, is highly objectionable and we oppose the GO tooth and nail, he said.

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