YSRCP opposes forcible land acquisition

YSRCP opposes forcible land acquisition - Sakshi Post

Criticising the TDP Government for resorting to forcible acquisition of land, the YSR Congress has said that it would stand by the farmers who are not willing to part with their land.

"Even after acquiring 30,000 acres of land for the capital formation and having a large extent of land at its disposal, the government resorting to threats to the farmers to surrender their land is atrocious and we oppose all such attempts," party spokesperson K Parthasarathi told reporters on Thursday.

The State has over 80,000 acres of degraded and other types of land in its possession and still, the government is trying to take away the multi-crop land of the farmers and is using force to acquire it. This is is highly objectionable and we will stand by all those farmers, he said.

"After our leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy held a deeksha, the state government had announced that it would not take away any land forcibly, but it has again resorted to the same tactics now. The burning of sugarcane crop of farmer Chandrasekhar and police dictating the report to their advantage shows that the TDP government has not changed.

In the first phase, it was forcible acquisition by TDP coterie for real estate business and in the second phase, from Chief Minister down to the party worker everyone is threatening that the Land Acquisition Act will be invoked if the land is not given voluntarily. Arson had seen many crops and agricultural implements reduced to ashes and the officials are instilling fear psychosis among the people,’ he said.

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