YSRCP opposes Aadhar linkage to welfare schemes

YSRCP opposes Aadhar linkage to welfare schemes - Sakshi Post

Taking strong objection to the TDP government linking Aadhar cards to welfare schemes, YSR Congress has said the move waters down the spirit of welfare and goes against the verdict of Supreme Court on the issue.

“TDP Government has scant respect to the judiciary and has hoodwinked the Supreme Court verdict, which has ruled out Aadhar linkage to welfare schemes. The cabinet decision to link Aadhar to all welfare schemes is to water down the welfare schemes introduced by YSR to benefit weaker sections,” Party SC Cell President Merugu Nagarjuna told reporters on Monday.

The same Chandrababu Naidu, whose cabinet has approved the Aadhar linkage, vehemently opposed the move while in Opposition. In 2013, Chandrababu Naidu was very vociferous in opposing the Aadhar card linkage. After assuming power he took a u-turn which exposes his double standards.

Weaker sections benefit a lot from the welfare schemes and the Aadhar card linkage is a move to drastically downsize the number of beneficiaries of the welfare schemes. Be it fees reimbursement, pensions, ration cards or loan waiver the conditions set are aimed at cutting down the number of beneficiaries.

While Chandrababu Naidu holds his Aadhar card and is a registered voter in Hyderabad, people who have their card in Aadhar cards in the city are not eligible for the welfare measures. Such decisions taken by the cabinet are anti-people and are aimed at only bringing down the number of beneficiaries of which weaker sections form the major chunk, he said.

We strongly oppose the Aadhar linkage and demand to revoke the decision and respect the apex court verdict, he said.

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