YSRCP objects of KCR remarks

YSRCP objects of KCR remarks - Sakshi Post

Taking strong  objection  to  Telangana Chief  Minister  K Chandrasekhar Rao’s remarks equating all previous Chief Ministers for ignoring irrigation sector,

YSR Congress has said the records will  show what YSR has done to the region and questioned why the NTR Trust Bhavan issue is not being pursued by the State Government.

“KCR ‘s remark that  all  previous  Chief  Ministers  have  ignored  irrigation  inTelangana is  factually  incorrect  as  many projects,  including Ali  Sagar,  were taken up by YSR while Chandrababu Naidu has neglected the sector totally. This apart, why the issue of NTR Trust Bhavan is not taking up by the Telanagana government raises many doubts,” Party Telangana unit  spokesperson Konda Raghava Reddy said on Thursday.

KCR should have a clear understanding on the status of projects, who beganand who has allocated more funds and who has completed them. In Nizamabadand Adilabad districts, YSR’s vision on irrigation can be seen and many projects including Devadula, Gollavagu, Kinnerasani and others had the patronage of YSR who released more than 8,000 crore during his tenure, he said.

While Chandrababu Naidu has released just Rs 1 core for Ali Sagar, YSR hasreleased Rs 248 crores and completed the project and this is on record. KCR should  talk  like  a  Chief  Minister  and should  remember  that  he  is  no more leading a movement but holds a responsible position. The Mission  Kakatiya  has  no  clarity  as  many  of  the  lakes  and  tanks  were encroached and it does not speak of the illegal occupancy of the tanks and river.

“The State should also explain as to why it is not giving heed to the NTR Trust Bhavan issue. TDP has taken the building on lease and the accumulated rent,including CST, has crossed Rs 80 lakhs. When it has come to the notice of theGovernment during elections,TDP has cleared Rs 30 lakhs in a hurry to avoid arrest warrant. KCR has a long association with Chandrababu Naidu and we do not know ifTelangana Bhavan too is run on similar lines. The State should explain why it isnot pursuing the NTR Trust Bhavan issue,” he said. TRS Government has lost its sheen which is the reason why it is postponing the GHMC elections.

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