YSRCP MLA laments over attack on him

YSRCP MLA laments over attack on him - Sakshi Post

Commenting on the attack of TDP leaders at Medikonduru in Guntur district,YSRCP leader and Guntur (East) MLA Mustafa lamented that he never witnessed these kind of incidents in his life.

He shivered with the incident in which the TDP activists kidnapped four women MPTCs and some other YSRCP activists were attacked.

“If an MLA was attacked in this way, what about the common man?” asked the MLA in tears.

Mustafa said that TDP activists beat him indiscriminately and kidnapped women MPTCs.

“I requested them not to beat the small children who are with him at the time of incident. But, they did not listened to my words,” said Mustafa.

He said that he had witnessed these kind of incidents only in pictures, but not in real life.

The MLA commented that police did not respond evenafter they informed about the incident.

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