YSRCP dominates political arena in AP in 2012

YSRCP dominates political arena in AP in 2012 - Sakshi Post

Telangana Rastra Samithi which was formed to achieve Telangana state had to face some stiff opposition in 2012.

KCR had set three deadlines to Centre to announce the separate state but he did not get any positive reaction from the Congress High Command or the Central Government. He continued to make statements that there are clear signals from the Congress that Telangana will be formed soon.

With all these developments, KCR received serious criticism from all the parties that such statements from time to time are an attempt to mislead the public. Even his own party cadres were fed up with his deadlines and claims.

KCR continued to sit in Delhi for one month in the hope that the decision would emerge on the contentious issue of Telangana but he was ignored by the Congress leaders.

When the by-poll results of Parakala constituency (YSRCP leader Konda Surekha Vs TRS) was announced, KCR was shocked and feared that he was losing strength in the Telangana region. It is believed that YSRCP’s emergence in the Telangana region created shock waves in the TRS party.

KCR differences with TJAC had come to the fore this year. However, with the intervention of some senior leaders a kind of truce has been achieved.

Congress Party in quandary

Telangana issue, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s growing popularity, six ministers have received notices from Supreme Court in the case pertaining to Vanipic land allotments, several leaders resign from the party, MIM’s withdrawal of support were the major setbacks for the Congress in Andhra Pradesh in 2012.

TDP in jitters

Several issues have shattered the TDP’s rank & file and have made its party president Chandrababu Naidu to undertake padayatra.

Yerranaidu's death was a serious blow to the party in North Andhra. Several top leaders have quit the party either for separate Telangana or have been irked by Babu's behavior and chose to join YSRCP

YSRCP moving ahead

Jagan’s odarpu yatra receives huge response. People come out in thousands even in towns and villages.

Sharmila undertakes padayatra to highlight the party’s policies and plans for development of the state. She also outlined the welfare programmes that would be initiated when the party comes in to power.

The padayatra proved to be a nightmare for the Congress, TDP and also the TRS. The party wins 15 Assembly seats in bypolls conducted for 18 constituencies. It also bagged the Lok Sabha seat from Nellore.

May 27 was a black day for the party as the CBI remanded him to custody. Nevertheless, the party is making inroads in most of the constituencies in the state. Many leaders from other party have joined the party from many parts in the state.

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