YSRCP demands probe into land deals

YSRCP demands probe into land deals - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad, Sept 24: Demanding an enquiry into a select few TDP associates acquiring land banks in and around Vijayawada after the name was widely circulated as the proposed capital, YSR Congress has said Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has been encouraging land sharks by sending signals which have jacked up land prices to

astronomical heights.

“The statements of Chief Minister pointing that Vijayawada would be the capital have encouraged his close associates to buy large extent of land in the peripheries stretching to the neighbouring district and the prices have soared to unbelievable heights.

The hype has created unprecedented hike in land prices and the situation has been turning worse triggering law and order problems as well. We demand that the land acquisition by private parties and all the deals should be inquired by a sitting judge or a House Committee,” party spokesperson Tamminneni Sitaram told reports here on Wednesday.

Unless the trend of abnormal rise of land prices is checked through a probe, it is not possible to build a people’s capital if commercial interests are given a priority. The state capital should be for the people and by the people and we are opposed to the statements and moves of TDP government which have helped in inflating the land prices abnormally. TDP leaders have been coming up with proposals for the capital to further complicate the situation, he said.

The capital city should be a reflection of people’s aspirations and not the corporate philosophy taking over the social cause. Chief Minister has been changing his stance on model of capital from time to time. He hovered over Singapore, Malaysia, and Washington and finally settled at Raipur as of now and he has no clarity on the issue. He should also be categorically on land pooling system. His talk at the higher echelons has been jacking up the land prices which are much higher than that of California or other such places.

To check such unwarranted hype, we demand an inquiry into the land deals in and around Vijayawada and Guntur as people close to Chief Minister have acquired land in large extents to make hay while the capital talk is still on, he said.

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