YSRCP demands joint statement on loan waiver

YSRCP demands joint statement on loan waiver - Sakshi Post

Demanding the TDP government to release a white paper and a calendar pronouncing categorically as to when the poll promises will be fulfilled besides giving a joint statement with Bankers on loan waiver, YSR Congress has said the State will be questioned by the people during the Janmabhoomi programme.

“TDP is drifting away from the Gandhji’s principles of truth and nonviolence as it has been telling stark lies on the loan waiver and other poll promises and has been carrying out attacks on political adversaries besides encouraging defections,” party general secretary Ummareddy Venkateswralu told reporters here on Thursday.

We demand that the State Government release a white paper with a full calendar as to when the election promises will be fulfilled and also it should hold a joint press conference with bankers to allay fears of farmers and bring clarity on the loan waiver issue. The farmers are in the dark and do not know as to when their documents will be released and when the government will pay to bank to clear their loans.

The loan waiver issue has been heavily diluted, adversely affecting the farmers, women self help groups, weavers and other sections while the job for every house scheme did not take off nor was the unemployment stipend paid which shows the government has scant respect for the welfare schemes, he said.

“Chandrababu Naidu has made about 40 promises during electioneering and none of them was implemented in the true spirit so far. Loan waiver issue has been nagging with many conditions with the latest being issue of bonds and clearing the debt in five installments but there is no clarity on the issue as well.

Though closing down of belt shops is one of the core promises of TDP, the finance minister focusing on excise revenue as the main source of income for the exchequer shows the double standards of the government.

The failures of the government will be questioned by people and the Opposition during the Janmabhoomi programme and we demand the State to be very categorical and bring out a calendar as to when it will implement the poll promises, he said.

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