YSRCP always ready for elections: Mekapati

YSRCP always ready for elections: Mekapati - Sakshi Post

Nellore MP and YSRCP leader, Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy declared today that the party was ready for mid-term elections.

He added that the people of the state were waiting to see YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as the Chief Minister and usher in YSR's golden era. "While the YSRCP can say this with supreme confidence, can you tell the people of the state that you will bring back your rule?", he asked Chandrababu Naidu. He further queried pointedly—"why is Naidu hesitant to pull down the incompetent and ineffective Kiran Kumar Reddy government through a no-confidence motion?"
It was odd to to find Naidu stooping to indulge in personal attacks like saying that YS Vijayamma was not conversant with a no-confidence motion. As Dr. YSR's wife and YSRC party floor leader in the Assembly, she was more than familiar with such issues  and had only reminded Naidu of his duties and responsibilities as Leader of the Opposition, he said. Mekapati commented that Naidu was misconstruing YS Vijayamma's observations.
He asked Naidu sharply whether the TDP had won a single election since the 2009 elections. "Why is Naidu getting so jittery about Sharmila's padayatra?", the MP asked. He added that Sharmila was set to create history with her padayatra.


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