Sisters place Rakhis at his Samadhi

Sisters place Rakhis at his Samadhi - Sakshi Post

On this Rakhi Bandhan day even as they tied rakhis to their brothers, countless sisters in the state did not forget to recall one brother who strove for them andstrained his every nerve for their welfare.

They did not forget him because he always wanted to see smiles on the face of every sister in Andhra Pradesh. To reciprocate many women walked all the way to his Samadhi to place a rakhi as a mark of their love and respect for the man who strove for them.
The brother that womenfolk can never forget is none other than the redoubtable YS Rajasekhar Reddy, a person for whom women's empowerment was not empty political rhetoric, but an article of faith.
His commitment to women's alround empowerment was backed by sound decisions and sincere deeds. Be it the 'Abhaya Hastam' that endeavoured to achieve women's welfare or pensions for widows or even the Pavala Vaddi scheme that gave low interest loans to women SHGs to enable them to generate incomes and achieve prosperity, YSR always endeavoured to improve the lot of women. His demise has created a void that is difficult to fill.  He would always address women with respect saying " Ammalara, Akkalara".
A large number of women went to YSR's samadhi at Idupulapaya and placed flowers and rakhis there. They applied Tilak to the photograph of the late leader.
The care and concern that YSR had for women, who make up half the sky as Mao famously said, was legion. No wonder, by each passing day, the women of the state recall their affectionate brother YSR.

He was a people's man, a caring brother to the women of Andhra, and would remain so forever.



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