YSR model govt. need of the hour

YSR model govt. need of the hour - Sakshi Post

Recalling the good governance of YSR, YS Vijaymma has said that we need to have the same model in the new state which will pave way for development and appealed to the people to vote for YSRCP fan symbol and keep manipulators like Chandrababu at bay. 

Addressing a public meeting in East Godavari as part of the YSR Jana Bheri she said: YSR has taken quality treatment to the reach of the poor, provided 4 % reservations to minorities and his welfare schemes have touched all sections of the society and it was such welfare state which people are anxiously looking forward to.

Chandrabau Naidu was interested only in the welfare of his close associates and not the poor and needy as he has done away with all the welfare schemes of NTR. Starting his career with two acres of land, he amassed wealth by setting up branches of his family-run Heritage Foods across the country at the cost of Chittoor Dairy. 

Tehalka.com has named Naidu as the most corrupt politician in the country. He is now promising to providing jobs to every family but he was the person who has brought in contract system and discouraged employment opportunity in government. 

He has boasted of encouraging IT but the state was in third place when he took over and slipped to fifth place during his term. While there were 81,000 employees in IT industry while he was chief minister, the figure rose to 2.5 lakh during YSR term. 

This stark difference shows who stands where and there is every need to bring back YSR era which is possible only under the leadership of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who has inherited his legacy, she said.

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