YSR is still alive in the hearts of people: YS Vijayamma

YSR is still alive in the hearts of people: YS Vijayamma - Sakshi Post

Kadapa, There had been tremendous response from the delegates when the YSRCP honorary president Y.S. Vijayamma made an emotional appeal at the party’s second plenary session on Sunday in Kadapa.

Speech of Vijayamma at the plenary held at at Idupulapaya in Kadapa district on Feb 2, 2014.

Even on the fateful day of September 2, 2009, he (YSR) had explained about the irrigation projects to Jagan over breakfast.

In fact, I tried to dissuade him from leaving for Chittoor saying that the Assembly was over just the day before and that the weather was inclement.

But, YSR was determined to go as there was lot of work to be done there. He told me he would go only if the pilot decided to fly.

Jagan is confident. He has the will power and is very brave like YSR. Jagan is forging ahead despite all the hurdles, all those cases and travails. Jagan has also the quality of responding to people's issues.

In the last two to three months, Jagan performed several Deekshas to highlight pro-people issues. He got all the qualities needed to fight for the rights of the people. I request all of you to bless my son.

I am confident that Jagan will march ahead with God's grace, with your blessings and love and YSR's blessings.

When Jagan was facing hardships  during the Samaikya Sankharavam and various Deekshas, I worry a lot as a mother.

I even asked the God as to why Jagan was going through such difficulties. Now, I believe, the God is doing all these things to toughen up Jagan so that he could become a good political leader.

Jagan is a capable leader and I ask you to bless my son.

The party should run in such an efficient manner that the dream of the return of the YSR's golden era becomes a reality. With these words, I take leave of you.


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