AP Assembly a Kaurava Sabha: YS Jagan

AP Assembly a Kaurava Sabha: YS Jagan - Sakshi Post

The following are the highlights of the presser addressed by the YSRCP in Hyderabad on Friday.

* The way the assembly is functioning is detestable. It is extremely sad: Jagan

* Chandrababu Naidu trying to mislead house. Chandrababu Naidu is bent on mudslinging: Jagan

* The Government brought to the fore the BC resolution only to side-track the real issues. If the government has any love for the BCs, why did it not bring the resolution earlier.

* Chandrababu does not know the difference between a resolution and a bill.

* The AP Assembly resembled the Kaurava Sabha on Saturday.

* YSRCP does not believe in duping the people.

* What is the acrual revenue deficit? Is is Rs 6000 crore or Rs 25000. The figures given in the budget are erroneous. It the poor who would suffer most due to these wrong figures. Some revised estimates were added only on our insistence.

* Non-plan expenditure is Rs 24000 crore more than the actual figures.

* We shall write to the Centre and the CAG over these inadequacies.

* The government is worried that its hollowness would be exposed if there is a debate. It did not want a debate on the BCs, because it would get exposed. A debate on would expose the government. Hence, the government went all out to muzzle the opposition.

* Chandrababu promised 100 seats to the BCs in the elections, but went back on it. Can the TDP give 33.3 per cent reservation to the BCs?

* The opposition leader should be given an opportunity to speak before putting the bill to vote. This is the custom. However, the TDP denied me that opportunity to take part in the debate.

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