YS Jagan health condition deteriorates

YS Jagan health condition deteriorates - Sakshi Post

The health condition of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy deteriorated further as the deeksha entered the sixth day on Monday. Doctors state  that since there is no food intake, the sugar levels and blood pressure of YS Jagan have fallen considerably. There is drastic weight loss too, they said.  YSR Congress leaders, workers and the huge number of supporters have expressed concern at the falling health condition of YS Jagan.

Meanwhile, YS Jagan charged that chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu is resorting to degrading politics by tampering with blood samples and using malfunctioning glucometers.

Addressing the media at the deeksha venue in Guntur on Monday, he said, the state government is misusing the medical fraternity to dilute the agitation for special status for Andhra Pradesh. The glucometers brought by the government doctors are indicating 88 while new glucometers are indicating 77, he point out. He questioned the doctors for not releasing the medical test results conducted on him.

In this regard, he took strong exception to the comments made by state ministers Kamineni Srinivas Rao and Pratipati Pulla Rao.

He reminded that the agitation is for the people of Andhra Pradesh, to increase job opportunities for the youth, to improve infrastructure facilities and provide a better future for the citizens.

 The flow of people to the deeksha venue, from all walks of life, is continuing on Monday. Leaders of various media outlets have also met YS Jagan today. IJU general secretary Devulapalli Amar and others met him and enquired about his health condition.


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