YS Jagan Continues to Connect With Farmers, Women and Youth in His Yatra

YS Jagan addressing the crowds in Lingapuram of Kurnool on Sunday - Sakshi Post

Kurnool: As part of his “Rythu Bharaosa Yatra” in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy on Sunday addressed a rally in Lingapuram village here. He was given a warm welcome by the people who had gathered to listen to him.

In his brief but pointed message, YS Jagan articulated for them the failures of the ruling Telugu Desam government, on how Chandrababu Naidu had gone back on his poll promises to every segment of society, and the urgent need to overthrow the corrupt government.

Everyone will be happy only when the farmers are happy, he said. Since the time of his swearing in Chandrababu Naidu has only brought drought for everyone, he added. He not only cheated the farmers but also women and students, YS Jagan pointed out.

When the target allocation for the farm sector was Rs 36,000 crore Chandrababu only made provision for a measly Rs 4,900 crore through the banks and instead of ruing this situation, he declared in the cabinet meeting that he was satisfied with what the banks have arranged. Because of this farmers were pushed to take private loans at exorbitant rates.

Kurnool is famous for its rice, but what is the price that a bag of rice is now fetching...

Farmers are not able to get minimum support price for their crops that they managed to grow even in these conditions. Unable to get a rate of even Rs 2 per kilo for their onion crop, many farmers just let the crop wilt away in their fields, Jagan said. Kurnool is famous for its rice, but what is the price that a bag of rice is now fetching, he questioned.

Farmers are committing suicides and Chandrababu Naidu is responsible for it, Jagan stated. While farmers are getting ruined Chandrababu Naidu proclaims that he wants the state growth rate to be higher than that of the country’s.

YS Jagan also raised the issues of DWACRA women, jobs for unemployed youth and the promise of unemployment allowance of Rs 2,000. He spoke about the youth who came up to him and said Chandrababu Naidu owned him Rs 64,000 in unemployment since he had no job from the time the AP government was formed.

YS Jagan rallied the crowd to rise up and dump this corrupt government in the Bay of Bengal.

Amidst a barrage of cheers, Jagan informed that he planned to stay put in their village on Sunday and would greet them again on Monday morning. The crowd was excited to know that their "People's Leader" is to spend the night in their village, and promised their support in the next elections.

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