Youth Arrested for Blackmailing Girls for Second Time

Youth Arrested for Blackmailing Girls for Second Time - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The city police arrested an engineering student for blackmailing girls.

The accused, Abdul Majid, had been arrested about seven months ago for a similar crime. His modus operandi was to create multiple Facebook fake profiles in the name of girls. Then he used to send friend invite to girls, befriend them and ask for their pictures. Thus, he used to start sexually harassing them and blackmail them. He was arrested earlier for trapping up to 80 girls in a similar fashion.

On Saturday, the Cyber Crime division of the Hyderabad police arrested him once again. The police state that so far only one victim had come forward to register a complaint. "Only if the victims come forward to lodge a crime can we take stern action under various Acts,"Joint Police Commissioner T Prabhakar said.

Background: Majid was first apprehended in September 2015 for harassing women. He was out on bail in November 2015. However, he went back to his old way from December itself. He used to exploit girls for money and when they fail to pay him used to threaten them that he would expose their photos and videos. His father Mohd. Salim is a beetle leaf supplier to pan shops while mother is vegetable seller. They used to sponsor Majid's studies through money earned this way. But Majid fell to wrong ways and was arrested a second time.

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