Young woman arrested for second marriage without divorce

Young woman arrested for second marriage without divorce - Sakshi Post

Visakapatnam: The Siripuram poice of Visakapatnam district were recently puzzled to find a case of a 26 year-old woman to have married twice, without a divorce from the first husband.

Rama Devi, a 26 year old teacher works in a government primary school Peddapuram. She had earlier registered her personal particulars on a matrimonial portal. After coming across her profile on the marriage portal, an interested suitor, Edla Srinivas(29), expressed his interest to marry. Subsequently, both got married in 2012. However, Rama Devi came back to her patents' home after deserting her husband only three days after their wedding.

After several years of anticipation, the frustrated Srinivas went to his in-laws home in Peddapuram only to find that his hopes of reconciling with his estranged wife were dashed when he was dumbfounded to know that Ramadevi was already married to someone else in 2003 and had also left him without taking divorce.

Unable to find a solution to this predicament, Srinivas sought the help of the police. The Police have arrested Ramadevi and her father according to Srinivas' complaint and filed a case against them under the crime of marrying second person while already married to a person.

According to Hindu Marriage Act, man or woman can be allowed to marry again only after getting divorced from first spouse.

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