Yanamala, Ayyanna turf war turns troublesome for TDP in Vizag

Yanamala, Ayyanna turf war turns troublesome for TDP in Vizag - Sakshi Post

Turf war between two powerful ministers in AP Cabinet is hitting the ruling party and is giving torrid time for the bureaucracy in Visakhapatnam district.

District incharge minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu and Ch Ayyannapatrudu  are locked in a battle for supremacy.

Ayyanna, who is already miffed over Yanamala extending his sphere of influence to Payakaraopet area in Vizag from his neighbouring constituency of Tuni, is ensuring that Yanamala is denied elbow space to call the shots in the district. The situation has come to such a pass that Yanamala could not hold even a single review meeting in the district during the last one year. Ayyanna is also strongly opposing what he perceives as 'interference'of Yanamala in key appointments in the district.

Sources say that both Ayyanna and Yanamala are vying to control the sand reaches in Tandava river, which separates Tuni from Payakaraopet. Ayyanna is also opposed to appointments to RDO and DRO posts recommended by Yanamala. 

This battle for supremacy is fast becoming a war of attrition for the ruling party in this key district. 

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