Rumours Of Kim’s Health Resurface After Portraits Of Kim’s Father, Grandfather Removed

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HYDERABAD: Two huge portraits of Kim II-Sung and Kim Jong II (Kim's grandfather and father) in Pyongyang were removed and it is rekindling speculation about the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

According to the reports, the statue of Kim Jong II was dismantled and Kim II Sung Square was renovated when Kim Jong II died in 2012. As per the traditions of North Korea, Kim cannot have any portraits or statues made in his likeliness unless he is dead. In the month of April, many rumours came about the ill health of Kim. However, all the rumours were put to rest on May 2 after a few photos surfaced showing Kim attending the fertiliser factory opening in Pyongyang. It is said that Kim has attended the ceremony long back and he is already dead.

According to NK News, a few photos surfaced in which the main observation deck where senior officials watch military parades has been demolished. Reports claim that the western side of the square was closed off to traffic.

Earlier, speculation has ranged from the 36-year-old Kim Jong-un, being in a coma to he was dead after he missed the birthday celebrations of Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea, on April 15, which Kim attends without fail every year.

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