Trump Disappointed In China, Threatens To Cut Off Relationship With Dragon Country

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WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump is constantly seen blaming China over its failure to contain the spread of coronavirus. The deadly virus, which took its birth in Wuhan, China, has spread its wings across different countries like Italy, Spain, the UK, the US, etc where the maximum number of deaths were reported.

On Thursday, Donald Trump said that he was no mood to speak with China's President Xi Jinping. Trump told Fox Business, "I have a very good relationship, but I just, right now I don't want to speak to him. I'm very disappointed in China. I will tell you that right now." He further added that there are many things they could do. He threatened to cut off the whole relationship with China as it is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

There has been pressure on the president to take action against China as many feel that coronavirus spread across the world from Wuhan because China didn't deal with it in an appropriate way. Trump said that the US is looking into the reports that whether the novel coronavirus has been escaped from the lab or not. However, China has reportedly denied the accusations made by the US.

He asserted that, “We asked to go over and they said no. They didn’t want our help. And I figured that was OK because they must know what they are doing. So it was either stupidity, incompetence, or deliberate.”

In America, a total of 86,541 people died due to COVID-19 while 1.45 Million people across the globe were infected with the coronavirus.

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