COVID-19: PM Boris Johnson Is Back To Work

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is returning to work after battling COVID-19 at Chequers and St Thomas. Boris Johnson was put in intensive care for a couple of days at St.Thomas' Hospital. He didn't do any official government work during his recuperation at Chequers. But in the last week, Boris spoke to the Queen and US President Donald Trump to discuss the further steps taken by the UK government to control the pandemic. Now, he returned to Downing Street from his countryside residence in Chequers.

Boris Johnson will chair a meeting today and would discuss when to ease the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. A new opinion poll suggested dwindling people's trust in the PM's ability to deal with COVID-19. In Boris' absence Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab has steeped in as stand-in PM and now according to Raab, PM is 'raring to go'. Dominic Raab on Sunday told that a vaccine against COVID-19 is not likely to come to fruition this year.

Raab asserted that without lockdown, there would have been more deaths in the country. He further added that social distancing measures would be in place at least for some time and refused to set a timetable when the lockdown would be eased. Earlier, Boris Johnson government has outlined five points before easing coronavirus lockdown.

Johnson is reported to have quoted an iconic Roman statesman Cicero’s words: ‘Salus populi suprema lex esto’ which means the health of the people should be the supreme law, and this gives an indication that he is not going to ease the lockdown. There was criticism from all the corners stating that Johnson was far too slow to respond to the pandemic. Britain is one of the worst-hit countries in the world by coronavirus. The number of deaths reported so far is 20,732.

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