Is North Korea’s Kim Jong Unwell? Trump Wishes Him Well

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US President Donald Trump wished North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, 'well' on Tuesday. Trump shares a good relationship with North Korean leader and told that he may reach out to Kim to see how he is doing.

On Tuesday, reports came in as North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un’s health had deteriorated following surgery. The presidential office in Seoul, South Korea said that no unusual activity was detected in North Korea after rumours broke in social media about Kim's ill health.

The US is seeking details about the health condition of Kim after receiving information that North Korean leader was “gravely ill” after undergoing cardiovascular surgery on April 12 and has been out of public view for many days. Some officials also reported that Kim might be incapacitated.

As a result of the rumours, a dip in the financial markets of South Korea reported and the currency weakened against the dollar. South Korean President Moon Jae-in denied that Kim was ill and said it had no evidence to support speculation about his ill health.

North Korea is one nation in the Asian region that maintains secrecy and is very difficult or one can say it impossible to verify the inside activities of the country.

The rumours about Kim's ill health broke out as the leader had missed his grandfather's birthday celebration on April 15th. It is one of the biggest events of the year as it marks the birth of the nation's founder, Kim II-Sung.

It is reported that Kim underwent heart surgery three days before. Kim has never missed this event and his absence gave way to these rumours.

Kim who usually attends the launch of missiles, but appeared to be absent at the missile launch last week and which added fuel to these rumours.

The first known reports of Kim’s health began to emerge in 2011. The reports suggested that he had hypertension and diabetes. In 2014, during the months of September and October, for nearly six weeks, Kim Jong Un was not seen in public. In 2014, he did not participate in parliamentary meetings. In October 2014, North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun published a few images of the leader with a cane

Anonymous sources say that Kim had been struggling with cardiovascular problems since last August and his health further deteriorated after repeated visits to Mount Paektu which North Korea believes, is the birthplace of Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong Il. Many reports came that Kim is a chain smoker and his former sushi chef has said that he is a heavy drinker.

Kim is the last in his family's dynasty to rule North Korea and Kim has no clear successor. Some Korea-watchers have speculated that Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of Kim might be in the running to be the future leader.

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