“We Are Not The Culprit”: China Rejects US Probe Into Coronavirus Response

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Coronavirus which took birth in Wuhan has crossed the borders and thrown the entire globe into a different situation. The total number of corona positive cases across the globe stand at 24,76,916 and 1,70,297 people died to date. America, Italy, and Spain are the most affected countries in the world.

Washington and several allies have accused China that it has covered up the intensity of the spread of coronavirus.

China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told during a press briefing that COVID-19 is a common enemy for all and China was also a victim. He further added that global community should work together instead of seeking a single source to blame.

He asserted that attacking and discrediting other countries simply wastes time and cannot save lost lives. He told that, "We are not the culprit, not the accomplice of the virus." Geng commented that Americans should understand COVID-19 is real enemy but not China.

Donald Trump announced that the US funding to the World Health Organisation will be stopped because it had covered up the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak in China before it spread around the world.

Trump during his White House news conference on Sunday said that he is not happy with China where the coronavirus took its birth last year. The US wants to send a team to China to investigate whether the coronavirus has escaped from Wuhan lab or not. However, the director of Wuhan Institute of Virology has confirmed that it is impossible for the virus to escape from the lab.

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