Us Deaths Cross 5,000, Numbers Surpasses China, Italy

Coronavirus: US on the top of the tally with nearly 2 lakh cases - Sakshi Post

Washington: The COVID-19 death toll on Wednesday passed 45,000 worldwide, with infected cases crossing the 9 lakh mark with the US on the top of the tally with nearly 2 lakh cases. Reportedly, 1,93,700 people have been recovered across the world.

The numer of fatalities due to coronavirus have crosssed 5000-mark in US followed by 13,155 death in Italy and 9,387 deaths in Spain. Globally, the total number of positive cases is higher in US which is more than 2 lakh. Italy and Spain have reported more than 1 lakh each.

In the US, New York, the epicentre of the nation's outbreak, has reported both the most cases and the most deaths, which have respectively topped 75,000 and 1,550.

President Donald Trump has warned of "hard days that lie ahead", saying the US death toll could mount to between 100,000 and 2,40,000. He has said that the lockdown guidelines should be strictly followed till the end of next month.

While addressing to the media, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the state will hit the peak of its COVID-19 spread in seven to 21 days.

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