Every Century The Earth Takes A Break, And So It Is Now

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By Amena Rasti

Spreading at a higher pace and claiming over thousands of lives across the globe, novel Coronavirus has already become a pandemic. The whole world is on lockdown. People have been asked to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid the attack of the virus. The government has declared the shutdown of educational institutions, theatres, public places, malls and all other commercial complexes. People have given an option to work from home. Few countries are calling for health emergencies. This is all due to the 2020 coronavirus outbreak.

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But have you ever gone through outbreaks history? Do you know once in 100 years the world is devastated by a pandemic? Yes! History proves that, Earth takes a natural break every 100 years!

Among all pandemics, smallpox, which throughout history, has killed between 300-500 million people in its 12,000-year existence.

Here's the history of outbreaks since 18th century!

In the year 1720 plague, in the year 1820 cholera outbreak and the most recent pandemic was the Spanish flu of 1920. And now it is novel Coronavirus 2020. According to researchers, all of the pandemics we mentioned above have exactly the same pattern as the coronavirus outbreak in China.

With the outbreak of present COVID-19 with the exact gap of 100 years is making us think more about this.

In 1720 there was a deadly pandemic of bubonic plague. It started in Marseille, France and was later called “The Great Plague of Marseille.” According to researchers, the number of deaths that occurred due to this deadly outbreak is around 100,000.

In 1820 the first cholera pandemic occurred, somewhere in Asia. Few countries which were most affected were Indonesia, Thailand and the The Philippines. About 100,000 deaths were registered.

Holding the official record for the deadliest pandemic officially recorded in history, Spanish flu first occurred in the year 1920. It has infected about half a billion people and killed 100 million.

And now on the 100th anniversary of the deadliest Spanish flu, humanity has been attacked by another pandemic, the deadly again novel Coronavirus. Originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan during the last year December, COVID-19 has claimed almost 8000 lives.

And now, this scenario is insisting us to believe in 'History Repeats Itself', but history is repeating but with a different named disease! Yes! Nature is giving a much-needed break to the whole earth in every 100 years!

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