Ukrainian Composer Creates Music Piece Supporting China’s Fight Against Coronavirus

Myroslav Skoryk - Sakshi Post

KIEV: The first-ever performance of Arioso for soprano "I am with You" written by world-renowned Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk to support China in its fight against the novel coronavirus was staged at the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine on Monday.

"I wrote it in a traditional European style. But at the same time, I introduced some elements of Chinese folklore. You can feel it in the music. It is filled with optimism that these terrible times will pass and gives the feeling that the love and light will return, and China will live a normal life again," Skoryk said.

It took Skoryk five days to create the piece. The lyrics were written by the Chinese poet Wang Yongchang, the Xinhua news agency reported. The rector of the academy, Maksym Tymoshenko, noted that the academy had never donated a piece of music to a foreign country as a sign of support.

He expressed the hope that "I am with you" will be jointly performed by Ukrainian and Chinese musicians. "This work is impressive and very professional. It's written with love for China, feeling the situation that is happening in the country now. I believe that this step would bring our two countries closer," Tymoshenko said, adding that the academy has long-lasting ties with China as more than 1,000 Chinese students graduate and currently study music there. "We all see how China works to combat and control this terrible virus and we understand that we must support China, both by transferring material assistance and spiritual help," Tymoshenko said. (IANS)

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