New US Visa Restrictions Makes It Tough For Pregnant Women

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WASHINGTON: The Trump administration is coming out with new visa restrictions aimed at restricting “birth tourism," in which women travel to the U.S. to give birth so their children can have a coveted US passport. The apparent goal is to clamp down on foreigners giving birth to children in the US who become, by birth, American citizens.

As per reports, the rules would make it more difficult for pregnant women to travel on tourist visas. In a draft of the regulations, they would have to clear an additional hurdle by convincing a consular officer that they have another legitimate reason to come to the US.

The Donald Trump administration has been tightening immigration rules for entry into the country and particularly now by the issue of birthright citizenship. Anyone born in the U.S. is considered a citizen, under the Constitution. Regulating tourist visas for pregnant women is one way to get at the issue.

To determine whether a visa applicant would be coming to the U.S. primarily to give birth is difficult. However, this new restriction would pose problems for those who come to the US on HIB visas along with their spouses.(Associated Press)

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