It’s Friday The 13th And A Full Moon Night! Why Is It Considered Unlucky

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Do you realise that it's Friday, the 13th today. Feels spooky now! Well, in western superstition, this date on this day is considered unlucky and believe that inauspicious things happen on this day.

Infact, this year, it coincides with a full moon night after 13 years. Makes it seem even more scary, right! The next time this day will be seen on May 2033.

People choose not to plan travel or marriage on this day as superstitions come attached with it.

Why Friday 13 is considered unlucky?

But, why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky? It is believed that Jesus Christ was crucified on Friday and Judas, who betrayed him was the 13th guest to join the table during the Last Supper.

Fear of Number 13

Infact, do you know the fear of the number 13 has its own name, it's called 'triskaidekaphobia'. many buildings does not have the 13th floor, they rather name it as 12B or something in that order. Also, people do not meet in the gathering of 13 on this day. They avoid lodging hotel room number 13, or travel on this day.

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