Clothes are one of the biggest contributor to the planet's ecological breakdown. Millions of tons of textiles are thrown into the landfills, most made of synthetic materials that takes hundreds of years to decompose.

However, natural materials like cotton or wool decompose faster. But if you really want to contribute to the environment, this clothing line will be really useful.

Clothing brand Vollebak has created a new product called the 'Plant And Algae T-Shirt', which is made of wood and algae. They decompose really fast, in 12 weeks.

Watch the video here how the t-shirt biodegrades which eventually turns into fodder for worms.

The fabric is made of wood pulp. The t-shirts have a large green rectangular frame design on the front. Instead of the traditional inks, usually made of synthetic, the printable ink is made of algae. Since, the ink is natural and plant-based, the colour of the green frame will keep on changing rather fade every time you wear it.

Vollebak is a clothing start-up known for using high-tech fabrics.