When Queen Elizabeth Went Unrecognised By American Tourists

Queen Elizabeth II - Sakshi Post

Queen Elizabeth II surprised the world recently when she played an epic prank on a group of American tourists, who bumped into her while strolling around Balmoral Castle in Scotland. According to reports, the Queen played the prank after the group failed to recognize her during their tour of the castle.

The 93-year-old monarch was dressed in her daily clothes, wearing a headscarf and was walking with one of her protection officers, The Daily Mail reported.

Queen Wearing A Normal Dress And A Headscarf

The tourists started a conversation with her, asking if the queen lived nearby and whether she’d ever met the Queen.

The royal member replied, “Yes, she did indeed live nearby.” Then she was asked if she had met the queen to which she gestured toward the protection officer and added that while she had never met the queen, this policeman had.

The protection officer revealed to The Times that the tourists had walked on, not knowing who they had just met.

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