Watch | Turkey Femicide Victim Pleads For Life As Ex-Husband Brutally Murders Woman In Front Of Child

In a horrific video, a murder victim can be seen covered in blood after being stabbed by her ex-husband multiple times in front of their daughter. The video has sparked outrage in Turkey and called for stricter laws on domestic violence.

Accused Fedai Baran and Emine Bulut, who has been divorced for years went to a cafe with their daughter to meet him on August 18 in Kirikklae province in central Turkey. After a fight, Baran stabbed her in front of the people in the cafe and also his daughter.

The clip shows, Bulut's chest is covered in blood from the stab wounds, who cries "I don't want to die."

Her daughter replies, “Mama please don’t die."

Meanwhile, at the court, Baran was quoted saying, "After she insulted me while talking about the custody of our child, I stabbed her with the knife I brought along."

Watch the horrific video here:

He fled from the scene, while Bulut was rushed to the hospital where she died of the severe injuries.

Baran was arrested on the same day.

In another horrific video, in 2009, when a 17-year-old Turkish girl named Munevve Karabulut was killed by her boyfriend, President Erdogan and the former chief of police in Istanbul blamed the victim’s family for letting her date him.

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