Hot Water Thrown At Air Hostess For Refusing Couple Seats On Plane

The woman shared this photograph - Sakshi Post

It's not wasy to be a flight attendant. to listen to every passenger's demand with a warm reply and a smile takes a patience. Sometimes, the passenger can be a ruly one, but that situation too needs to be handled well. Well, not all times. Here's one such an incident.

In a quora thread, one user asked, "What is the most humiliating thing you have ever seen happen to a flight attendant on a flight?"

Responding to the question, one user who identified as Nuralia Mazlan, who works as a flight attendant for Air Asia shared one of the most bizarre and worst experiences in a flight.

She says that the ones who misbehaved were Chinese people.

The incident had taken place on an Air Asia flight where a passenger thrrew a cup of boiling hot water on an air hostess because they could not handle an inconvenience on flight.

"How about being thrown hot water from cup noodles to your face because your passenger was upset about her boyfriend sitting away from her?," is what she said.

Nuralia Mazlan even shared a picture of her colleague from the incident.

"This Thai stewardess was thrown with hot water after the passenger in question was notified that she couldn’t be seated next to her boyfriend due to a full flight and no one was willing to swap seat with her," she said.

"The passenger let out her frustration to the poor stewardess who had no power to do anything about it. Like, F-ing heck lady, if you have to be seated next to your boyfriend next time, make sure you both book a seat to be seated next to each other because the system doesn’t f-ing know if you guys are related or desperately need to sit next to each other," she added.

As crew members tried to pacify the woman, she got even more aggressive. her boyfriend joined it who threatened to blow up the plane.

The two were then penalised and taken into custody after the flight landed and were barred from travelling in the airline ever again.

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