Bear Mauls Russian Man To Death Hours After His Joke

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Hours after a man joked with his wife about being eaten by a bear, the Russian man was mauled to death by a bear while he went to pick mushrooms outside his village.

Alexander Korneyev, 66, was killed just outside Suluk village, 5,300 miles east of Moscow, after a fight ensued between the human and the animal.

His body was later found near on a dirt track by local railway workers. Villagers later tracked the bear and killed it and found Korneyev's flesh inside the bear, according to a leading UK paper.

His wife said that when he left for work he joked about the possibility of getting eaten by a bear.

“I'm going to pick mushrooms. If I don't call you again by 10 a.m., it means I've been eaten by a bear,” he was quoted as having told his wife.

Head of the local village council Sergey Ryabov said, “It was a joke but he evoked evil with his words."

“There was blood everywhere. His penknife was broken in half, and there were signs of a fight. His body was lying face down. There was no single untouched spot,” Ryabov said.

Locals said that never in their memory had they heard of such a brutal attack in an area, where bears were on the prowl.

Due to forest fires and shortage of natural food, bears are spotted spotted close to towns and villages across Siberia and the far east of Russia in recent weeks.

Police have now posted signs warning people not to venture into the woods or pick mushroom after local residents reported to have seen several bears prowling near the village.

In another incident in Srikakulam district in AP, two people were killed and six others injured after a wild bear attacked them. The incident occurred on the outskirts of the Sonampet near cashew trees yard.

According to the villagers, the bear attacked a victim Urmila who was busy with her work in the agricultural fields. On seeing the bear, Urmila's husband and other villagers who tried to rescue her from the wild animal also got injured while fighting with it. However, the villagers later killed the bear and shifted the injured to the hospital.

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