Turkish Girl’s Presence Of Mind Saves Brother

Turkish Girl’s Presence Of Mind Saves Brother - Sakshi Post

Turkey: A young Turkish girl is being hailed by netizens across the world for displaying a quick presence of mind while saving her 5-year-old brother's life in a freak elevator accident.

In a video shared by People's Daily China on Twitter, which went viral, three kids were seen entering inside the elevator. As the doors closed, the rope was stuck in the doors, and in seconds the boy was hoisted in the air with the rope around his neck, like a noose. As he was flaying his limbs in the air, the girl with a quick presence of mind, first pressed the alarm button and as the elevator stopped, she quickly removed the noose around his neck thus saving him. As shown in the video the toy-rope was already around the boy's neck and the boy had not seen that the extended bit of rope was stuck between the doors.

Watch: Horrifying moment! Sister stayed calm and saved the boy who got hang by toy rope inside an elevator in Istanbul, Turkey. Please watch your children when using elevator.

Netizens who saw the video were all in praise for the girl's quick presence of mind, which saved the boy's life. While many praised the girl's action, others commented that should incidents should not take place, indicating the glaring neglect of the parents while leaving the kids unattended in lifts.

As per reports the incident is said to have taken place at Başakşehir, Istanbul in Turkey.

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