Recently a job posting was posted on Job finder site Linkedin, for an opening at Google and the internet went crazy, as it was no normal opening, it was the opening for the post of Sunder Pichai’s Post The CDhief Executive officer for Google (CEO).

Now everyone were in a state of confusion as there was no media noise about Pichai stepping down or being sacked. So who’s was the post? And is Pichai Getting sacked? Or is Pichai Stepping down. Well the answer to all our confused readers is that its none of the above.

The posting was posted by a man named Michel Rijnders. According to Linkdins procedure, one has to pay an amount to put an opening on Linkdin, and the person uploading the opening should have a premium account. But Micheal said that hes found a bug with the help of which he could post this opening for free and without a premium account. He also made an opening for Linkedin’s CEO as well.

After finding out about this inkdin had sent out a report. Which read:

"Thank you Michel Rijnders for bringing this to our attention. We've removed the posting and we're resolving the issue that allowed this post to go live. LinkedIn is a place for real people to have real conversations about their careers".

"The fake listings appeared on the tech giants' LinkedIn business pages alongside their other job openings. The listings also appeared in LinkedIn's job search. There was no approval process required," the report added.

LinkedIn said "It's not a place for fake jobs-we are committed to stopping fraudulent jobs from ever reaching our members through automated technology and the help of our members reporting any suspicious job postings."

As per LinkedIn, the issue has been fixed. In a statement it said, "This issue was caused by a bug in our online jobs experience that allowed members to edit the company after a job had already been posted. The issue has now been resolved. Fraudulent job postings are a clear violation of our Terms of Service."

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