The Rise For Downfall Of Democracy In Egypt  

The Rise For Downfall Of Democracy In Egypt - Sakshi Post

By Shaik Amer Arafath

When Hosni Mubarak was toppled in 2011 during the wave of Arab Spring after his 30 years tyrannical rule, there was a beacon of hope for the people of Egypt that Democracy will transpire as a paraphernalia for their emancipation, freedom and justice but it lasted for few months when the new and first democratically elected President in Arab history, Mohammed Morsi (June 2012 - July 2013) was ousted from the office by the General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in coup d'état. He suspended the Egypt Constitution of 2012 which had a Shariah amalgamation. This move of Sisi was supported by the opposition leader (Mohammed El Baradei), Grand Imam of Al-Azhar (Ahmed El-Tayeb) and Pope of Coptic Orthodox Church (Tawadros II) which led to massacres of pro-Muslim Brotherhood proponents and rise of militant attacks in Sinai Peninsula besides temporary suspension of Egypt from the giant African Union.


The one year rule of Morsi was not upto the expectations of public because of severe economic crises, diplomatic issues, instability in Sinai, shortage of energy supplies and rising inflation. So, the opposition leaders led mass protests against the Morsi's removal over a couple of days in the last week of June 2013 and finally he was removed on 3rd July 2013 by General Sisi. Later in August 2013, more than 800 pro-Muslim brotherhood protests were slaughtered by the military. Morsi was charged indirectly with the killing of protestors outside his office, leaking crucial information to Hamas and espionage for Iran and Qatar. He was awarded a death penalty for these charges but later he was sentenced for life imprisonment. He died after suffering a heart attack while attending a court hearing on espionage charges in Cairo on 17th June 2019


The aim of Muslim Brotherhood was to bring Islamic shariah into modern politics which was founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna. Though it operated underground for many years, it made a successful resurgence during Arab Spring in countries like Tunisia, Turkey, Qatar and Kuwait. After Morsi's removal, Sisi banned Muslim Brotherhood and termed it as a terrorist organization. Both Saudi & UAE are against this outfit and have banned it sensing fear that it may spread in their countries respectively and a people movement against the monarchy will flare up. The real motive behind the Arab Spring seems to be uprooting the powerful leaders who were anti-US and to replace them with a minion.

The Western countries in general and US in particular, while propagating for Democracy in MENA region, in its hypocrisy, supported General Sisi and deprived the people of Egypt from liberty. They just want to establish their puppet rulers in North African region and in neither way they are concerned for the noble ideals of Democracy. Similarly, the Arab Spring which was the brainchild of US in disguise form, didn't made a big impact in Saudi Arabia because it is its ally and a major defence partner of Western countries. The US wants to establish as many as military bases and puppet rulers geographically around its rival Iran to make it weak. It already went into proxy war with Iran by shooting from its ally's shoulder, the Saudi Arabia. Both Saudi and Iran directly locked their horns in Yemen and devastated it completely as the former is pitching for Sunni government and the later is supporting Houthi rebels. The geopolitics of West Asia is very dynamic and complex with many countries supporting either sides. The region is tangled with presence of violent non-state actors like ISIS, AQIP (Al-Qaeda in Arab Peninsula), Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Nusra Front, etc. The other reason for haunting Muslim Brotherhood aggressively is because of its anti-semitic stance. Further, the US always try to portray MB links with Al-Qaeda obliquely, which is responsible for the ghastly 9/11 attacks. The Turkey is pitching for democratic government setup in Egypt externally by lending moral support in wake of Morsi's death which created a big vacuum in Muslim Brotherhood leadership and there seems to be a twilight for a long time in Egypt in near future. My heartfelt prayers are with the people of Egypt and MENA region who struggle for their rights by sacrificing their dear ones in this never ending war of hatred, down by the US for its political supremacy around the globe.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not the organisation.

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