London Schools To Go Sugar-Free By 2022

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London: Every school in London should be "sugar-free" by 2022, health authorities said in a new report.

At least one in four children across London suffer from tooth decay by the age of five, with some regions more severe than the others, according to the report released by London Assembly Health Committee on Wednesday.

"Sugar is one of the biggest causes," a spokesperson for the Assembly was quoted as saying by Xinhua news agency.

One of the main precautions the report listed is to set all London schools "sugar-free" by 2022, which "means no sugary drinks, crisps or chocolate are allowed in packed lunches", the spokesperson added.

British Department for Education still allows schools nationwide to serve sugary items at lunchtime, including desserts, cakes and biscuits.

Many schools in London, however, have voluntarily become sugar-free.

Some have gone further to ban all carbonated beverages with or without sugar, only serving water instead, the report said.

The report called for supervised toothbrushing in schools and suggested that every kid see a dentist by age one.

It also advised London Mayor Sadiq Khan to appoint a dental specialist to a government project against child obesity. (IANS)

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