Hyderabad: It's not always burglars who would intrude your home in the wee hours of the night. A woman in Florida had a late-night intruder on Friday after she was woken up by an alligator who broke into her home through a low window in the kitchen.

Mary Wischhusen, 77, found the huge alligator in the kitchen of her Clearwater, Florida home. Wischhusen told Spectrum News that she saw the alligator staring at her as though he belonged there and was lying there.

"I had this beautiful face staring at me as though he belonged there," Ms Wischhusen said.

"He was just lying there. It's like he made it all the way through the kitchen and he thought he was so smart," she added.

She went back to her bedroom and called 911. A trapper rushed to the spot and tried to remove the alligator. But, by then it shattered windows, put several holes in the wall, dent the fridge and also smash Wishchussen's wine collection.

Watch the video here:

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