Woman Renews Sologamy Vows, Leads Wedding Flash Mob 

Sophie Tanner decided to marry herself in May 2015 - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: If you are thinking wedding requires two persons from the opposite sex marrying each other and exchanging wedding vows. Wait...hold on! Not everyone needs a partner.

We will tell you the story of a woman who not only married herself but also renewed her sologamy vows. She celebrated the fourth anniversary of her big day with her loved ones and led a wedding flash mob. Sounds exciting right. Read on and know her story.

Sophie Tanner decided to marry herself in May 2015 after she read a book titled 'Reader, I Married Me' where the character does the same.

She walked down the aisle with her dad, bridesmaids and a first dance in 2015. This weekend, she renewed her wedding vows to herself and walked down the streets of Brighton, a city in England which followed a flash mob dancing to 'The Greatest Showman’s This Is Me!'

She wore a white dress and held unusual daffodils. Her friend, who acted as the priest for her wedding reaffirmed her vows and she made a promise to herself to continue to take care of herself.

Post her wedding, Sophie told a leading magazine that she was 'blown away' as she renewed her vows. She added that she is glad to renew her vows and does not regret the decision any single day of her life.

She told the magazine that love starts with loving oneself and there is no limit to that. The single happy bride said that the journey has been the discovery of self-love.

Talking about her sojourn, Sophie said that she had to answer a lot of queries incessantly but defended her position all the time.

Sophie said that she was overwhelmed with the support she received over her marriage and in the wedding speech thanked everyone for being there for her.

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