This Bride’s Engagement Ring Is Made Of Bizarre Elements

Pic courtesy: Facebook - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: In a wedding, the engagement ring always holds a special place. It reminds the couple of the love and devotion that would keep moving forward the relationship. In fact, guests have always been excited to see how the wedding ring looks.

But in a bizarre wedding, a woman shared a photograph of her wedding ring that is made of unusual elements, not the regular metals like gold or diamond.

Rather it is made of breast milk, her youngest son’s umbilical cord, pieces of both her sons’ hair and gold flakes.

Posting the picture, she captioned it saying, "Posting because I love my wedding band! I gravitate towards vintage rings. I also love the gold ring because it’s a keepsake ring."

“The stone is made from breast milk, my youngest son’s umbilical cord, pieces of both my sons’ hair and gold flakes,” she added.

Pic courtesy: Facebook

As she posted the photo, many thought the ring was creepy and one user flagged it saying, "I love sentimental stuff but this is so creepy."

Many Facebook users too shared her sentiment and said they were left baffled with the ingredients that went on making the ring.

One wrote, "I like the band. The engagement ring is a) disgusting and b) ugly AF and c) doesn't go with the band and d) there is no D I just hate it that much."

Another wrote, "I threw up a little bit reading this. If she's going to be all gross she should at least make it a pretty ring."

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