Parrot Arrested In A Drug Bust

The arrested parrot - Sakshi Post

Piaui: A parrot was recently taken into custody recently after it had reportedly alerted its owners, who happen to be drug dealers, of a police raid that took place at their residence in the state of Piaui in Brazil.

The parrot was said to have started a loud alarm saying, “Mamae, Policia,” which is translated to Mama, Police.

The parrot had managed to alert its owners while the search operations were underway by yelling ‘Mama, police’ continuously. "He must have been trained for this," one officer involved in the operation said of the parrot's attempt to interfere with law enforcement, reported a leading international media house. "As soon as the police got close he started shouting."

The bird's efforts did not bear any fruit as the video of the raid had been published with little bags of cocaine and crack caught in the hands of the police. The owners of the parrot were identified to be a teenage girl and a man, who was taken into custody.

The bird was reportedly also taken into custody as well, as the video shows a police officer carrying the bird on his hand and then putting it into a cage. It was sent to It was taken to the Teresina Police Department, where it sat in silence. Some of the police around had tried to loosen the bird up, but the bird remained to be silent.

The suspect couple's defense attorney, Salma Barros, has questioned how the yelling parrot could remain totally quiet in the police station. An environmentalist by the name Jaqueline Lustosa had gone to free the bird. Reports say that the bird was later shifted to a local zoo where it will be taught to fly.

Even as the vet had given the bird a thorough check, the bird did not utter a sound. Many police officials had also gone by, but the parrot remained in silence.

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